Unveil the Unique History of the Hawaiian Cuisine We Serve

About Us

The cuisine of Hawaii incorporates five distinct styles of food reflecting the diverse food history of settlement and immigration in the Hawaiian Islands. Polynesian voyagers brought plants and animals, and as Native Hawaiians settled, they fished, raised taro, planted coconuts, sugarcane, sweet potatoes and cooked fish and meat in earth ovens.

The arrival of missionaries and whalers brought new foods and plantations, which brought many immigrated groups between 1850-1930. Sugarcane and Pineapple plantations were the most common. Hawaiian Cuisine is a blend of cuisines (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Philippines, and Portuguese).

Today, Hawaiian cuisine has formed into a ‘local food’ style unique to Hawaii, with the creation of plate lunches, pupus and specialty dishes like loco moco and saimin soup.

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